Era Of The Beast

On September 11 2001, the world woke up to terror attacks that saw the collapse of the world Trade Centre towers in New York City, consequently claiming about 3000 lives, and living many in agonising pain. As if that wasn’t enough, July 11 2010 had many Ugandan’s perish in Al-shabaab attacks living many wailing. The same group on 21 September 2013 attached the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi Kenya, resulting into deaths of several civilians…Alot more of such has been going on, and the recent Paris dilemma testifies to that. It feels like the atmosphere has been filled with a cloud of cries & tears of many angry souls that have not felt the sigh of justice…if being human is not just having flesh & blood running in our veins, but rather possession of a conscience, feelings of love and remorse, then iam pretty sure humanity is deforming and losing its sense, giving birth to a new species…the beasts within...we all are fruits of creation, however it’s been clear for sometime now that, amongst us live beasts that have evolved within the human race disguised in human flesh and blood. These creatures we call our own lack a conscience or a sense of what it is to be human, they got only one purpose…to devour. Their pleasure lies in the shed of innocent blood. You pitty innocent mothers that labour day & night in pain for the birth of these inhumane creatures that destabilise peace, envy & invade the freedom of innocent lives, murdering them in cold blood. It leaves me wondering what kind of justice can wipe away the pain, sufferings and the void in the souls of those that have been deprived of their loved ones…? Clear abuse of freedom! It doesn’t feel safe anymore! This is the world we are fighting to make a better place…but how does this stand true if bitterness & fear is now that rules? These selfless, cold hearted murderers have deprived us of our freedom, mocked us! and evoked hatred amongst ourselves… How can racism even be fought at this level? Is this the other side of globalisation? There are so many empty spaces to be filled, questions that need answers… And yeah! People will always rise up to a new dawn like nothing happened yesterday. Welcome to the world we know…
May the Lord  comfort all those who have lost their own to the beasts & bring forth healing to the broken hearted…


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