Love Cost A Thing…

In this era, it will take more than who you are to earn yourself the right kind of relationship,

it’s very unlikely that people will like you for who you are… even though that is the shadow many walk in, Nonetheless transparency comes with time, soon or later the light will always shine bright.Yeah if you are still struggling to get noticed it’s probably because you’ve not built a profile too good to give the elbow, and if crossed the bachelor’s line cheers to you;)…but be sure it will take more than character to keep the burner. Back to my bachelor’s league, here is something to console us; the haste ain’t bad, you only get better as you age, and it doesn’t come with appearance only but with achievements too, given the right ambitions…see no one notices the beauty of a butterfly in its early stages not until it can


…patience is one of those huge tablets to swallow but once dissolved you’re bound to have fewer regrets as far as life’s choices are concerned. A healthy relationship develops with good personality which takes on more than who you are. So you would want to have a happy ending, being slothful for a good cause sounds good to me, just like a penalty shoot out, you don’t wanna waste any short so you take your time. But if you want to take chances it’s on you…after all that’s what life is all about…as they say; Opportunity meets preparation…get it here.


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