My World




My evening today has been quite a memorable one.
Sometimes when you feel down from all the unresolved puzzles, the demands & dilemmas life has to throw at you, enlightenment can be found within. Amidst life not going your way, it’s like everything else is working to that effect. We all want to lead a life where we are in control manipulating everything to our good and not having to contend with anyone over what’s yours and theirs. Technically, the world is working all round to assert itself to what rightfully belongs to it, conflict at this point is inevitable, whereas some of us try to avoid it, somehow it has a way of catching up with you in one way or the other.As said, when a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw. It’s probably justifiable in that context, I mean we all seek justice and freedom to exercise our thoughts and feelings without fear or favor. The other thought of it is, perhaps the severest requirement of the good life is to have the constancy of mind to maintain our joy and gratitude even amidst hardship, pain, and injustice. Freedom and justice are independently represented and you would be lucky to get any, in any case the only justice I often give myself is the expectancy of none. It’s been quite hot of lately and the scotch sun has been having its way all through, as if that’s not enough, speedy drivers have made it their thing to baptize us with dust, it gets me wondering whether our conscience is doing us any good. When you are educated, people expect a lot more from you besides the professionalism and qualifications, society expects a better upright citizen who inspires positive change and exhibits high moral standards that earn him/her public appreciation, call it a role model. Ifeducation-concept-alisa-tsoy-24830510-xl.jpg education has only changed one’s way of life but hasn’t liberated the mind, then a lot is left to be desired. These are elites we assume anticipate to make the world a better place, but how is this to be if one can’t make their own environment safe?

I’m seated across the street gazing at everything and everyone passing by, I seem lost to the world but very much alive in my own. It suddenly starts bucketing down. The rain drops hit the ground and a worm scent of vapor dust rises, filling my nostrils, the inhalation feels good, as the heavy shower continues, I can’t help but notice a group of young boys and girls running from the downpour as others take shelter. I’m reminded of my childhood coming back from school on a rainy afternoon squashing mud all way home and having to face it rough with mom. I had almost forgotten how good it felt until today. Sometimes we get lost in our fears and worries and forget how we once ‘owned the world’ one would probably say we grew up, but I’ll say we stopped living. If you took a look at your childhood, you would probably notice that cheerful soul regardless of the hardships that may have prevailed, it always rotated around pleasure, having a good time, as a child I never thought of consequences I always did what I did when I needed to, and today I don’t remember the trouble I got into doing certain things, I only remember the pleasure I derived from them. Life sometimes is like that, customizing every moment, if we had to carefully think about everything we did, we probably wouldn’t do anything because consequences are involved everywhere. I know it’s precautionary to play safe, but the world will never be a better place if you depend on it to create you one. Does this call for recklessness? Of course not, true value of a man is shown when with all freedom possible, he sets himself limitsno_fotolia_15998598_xs

The rain ceases,DSC_0073.JPG all that is left of it is the scare drizzle, and everyone else in the shelter zones gets back on the road. after a few minutes of reminiscing, I am finally e nlightened, it feels like my whole load just got washed away in the downpour, ahead of me two lads go about their business with the mud. It leaves me thinking, life is bound to get bumpy sometimes, and right that moment, the way you go about it defines who you truly are. So when the weather gets ugly, do you squash the mud or run for shelter?


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