Pursuit for Happiness.

Where determination exists, there’s no fragment of failure that can dismantle the flag of success. I know how much we all love momotivation, and we can use alot of it sometimes. So how about waking up to one just like that?

It is said that, if one wants to be happy, which we all do ofcourse, it is arguable that one ties it to a goal and not people or things, sounds logical given the fact that you set your own objectives and strategies to get there, but how many even reach the peak? There’s no doubt alot can be accomplished but alot more can also be missed along the way. See goals have a way of conditioning ones life which sometimes may contradict with the principle of being, nothing happens on purpose without purpose as far as life is concerned. For something you don’t own there’s technically nothing much you can do with it other than make the most out of it, that’s life for you. It is believed that men in their vehement pursuit of happiness cling on anything that offers them satisfaction, upon attaining it they soon turn an introspective eye and ask; ‘am I happy?’ at once their inner being distinctively answers,  ‘No you are  as miserable as before.’ As the hunt for happiness continues every stage hints on a better catch ahead, but the next holds as little satisfaction as the fisrt, wondering then through life restless and tormented at each successive stage they think happiness dwells at the next, upon reaching there happiness dwelleth there no more, in whatever stage & position they may find themselves, there’s always another one they discern from afar. 

Afew days back I found myself quite fatigued without necessarily engaging in any sort of tiring activities, alot in mind with people trying fit in and play the protagonist in my future, figuring out what’s best for me and sarcastically insulting my understanding, here iam playing the fool which has served me we’ll most of the times. Rudyard Kipplling in his enormous poetry once wrote, “if you can keep your cool when the whole world is losing their’s and blaming it on you, you will be a man” these words have played in my head over and over again like a favourite song, each time I’m faced with “all knowing goons.” puzzled at everything thing. High expectations have been set of lately and yet none of any seems to come through, it’s left me simply vexed. Sitting down and looking at one of my pictures lying on the floor, I’m cast into reminiscing and reflecting on how far life is got me, certainly nothing is the same, so much has changed and it’s quite remarkable realizing the much that has transpired in an assumably short period of time. At some point life is just evolving, so much to expect and wish for and sometimes you might as well just miss the picture. Trying to shut my ears to the world and keep up the right attitude is all m focused on right now.

 There are times the sun ‘won’t rise’ from the east and you find yourself waking up from the left handside of your bed. If any of that throws clues to a bad day ahead it’s probably true, my father often told me to watch my excitement in the ‘nudes’ of the morning for it would only signal a ruined end to the day. Not that it meant anything more than just a precaution to stay focused and not let excitement get the better of me. It’s better to wear a sad but focused look than drown in excitement and lose course. A man who masters the art of self control has a clear glance on the path of success.because. As much as uncertainty has engulfed me a couple of times, I’ve taken it upon myself not to give in to self pitty or pessimism. 

Some days we all wake up in high spirits, lots of energy and optimism which most mornings come by with, only to end up disappointed and frustrated, and there you are thinking; ‘what went wrong?` I’m tempted to sometimes concent to dad’s theory, only to learn that anxiety has found its way in, so I do what most anxious people do, pull out  a cigarette or better yet grab a cold one, fortunate for me it’s not alcohol or drugs it’s more to do with being conceited integrated with stoicism, it worries me sometimes because I don’t want to become apathetic like half of the world is alalready. Maintaining a positive attitude in a dilemma is not the easiest of tasks even to the most rational of people. Ironically we keep running back to the same habits we disown, hoping that our anxiety dies out, yet in truth rubbing salt into the wound is what we end up doing , but it’s tacit, if you ask me, habits take time to develop into one and no matter how much you dislike it, you aren’t going to get rid of it in one or two days, I believe though that one has to develop a habit to do away with one, only that this time it’s got to be positive, and well for those who can’t adjust, therapists and rehabilitation are at disposal if you can afford any ofcourse. What I hate most is looking vulnerable, it’s not in my nature to be conceited, I’m simply not certain of the kind of reception I’m likely to be treated to, so I try as much as I can to suppress my feelings and not let my sentiments get the better of me, but thats just my way of containing anxiety. It leaves me thinking though; whether I’m actually sitting on a time bomb, nevertheless my fate I accept. At all times there’s a certain character and personality we would love to be identified with, it pushes us into adopting a certain kind of lifestyle, however more than anything else my energy and desire is focused on being true to myself. I believe happiness lies in being you, the moment you achieve that, your attitude towards life changes, you gain social intelligence; a health pattern of being true to one’s self with social skills using them with integrity. You’ll eventually realize happiness is not in money or anything else, I like money, we all do. It pleases me to be able to buy stuff and generally complementing my everyday life, but that’s just that, having money no matter the quantity doesn’t guarantee you happiness. To imagine that a life of luxury is the ‘good life’as many call it is perhaps short of what one has purposed their life for. Luxury will undoubtedly bring you lots of comfort, fun mixed with a little fame, but it won’t guarantee you happiness. Some people though will prefer being comfortable to being happy because the price of happiness may amount to giving up what we treasure the most… habits certainly in that line…If you can learn to be true to yourself, you might as well be on the right path to developing the right attitude towards life, having that in mind, you’ll eventually realize that it isn’t about having a bad day or a good one either nor the peeping and doubting thomases that are always around the Junction to bring you down, but rather how you compose yourself to fit in good and bad times, and that  my friends, is certainly something you can only acquaint with having a positive attitude. Almost like an instinct that surrounds you amidst familiar circumstances. Get that attitude right.


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