The epidemic….

The hood always has the best way of bringing out the worst in people. Most of us call it the way of life, the belief that environment will always determine the kind of person you will be in the near future. it leaves me wondering whether the high rate of corruption and bureaucracy in this country should all be linked to that fact, integrity is a far cry, to some it doesn’t pay off in the end, like the life of a writer, no matter how much you write, nobody cares to read, luckily a writers motivation is somewhat a far fetch, for him the mind is a world of its own. back to my world, something to reflect on though, reflection is powerful, it kind of puts things into perspective sometimes, besides its always relaxing to think of strategy, but authenticity of any kind of reflection is backed with what is commonly known as action derived from introspection, lets draw attention to corruption epidemic, a disease affecting the modern world today, touche! Convincingly very contagious, not selective of its victims. however like any epidemic strategies are always put in place to contain it, the principle is that; take Ebola for example, the victims are never mingled with the rest of the population to avoid any further spread of the virus, you can call it first aid, the population in this case is always helpful and responsive, they use the isolation method, you can easily see who is infected and therefore keep your distance, so if you are a victim and the experts are not nearby, chances are that you are most likely to be on the verge of meeting your creator even against your will. contrary to corruption, the ‘wolves’ live among ‘sheep’ feasting on their blood and rapidly establishing their species, i always wish people can use the Ebola method to tackle the increasingly menacing corruption syndrome, where it has reached now is a real emergency situation, the strategies are not clearly paying off and methods certainly not direct, unlike the Ebola experts who are not easily bribed, the same is quite intriguing to say about the anti-corruption unit, by the look of things, people seem to be fond of this virus to the extent that at the mentioning of it, you get this shrug off that suggests; dude! this the way of life these days…, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, well it did,  the ‘wolves’ are still being sent out to hunt for the ‘lost sheep’, the rest of us can only hope for the safe arrival of the ‘sheep’ that is if there’s  any to come anyway! But why wait?  one thing should be kept in mind, this is not a one man’s fight…it’s your fight as much as it is mine join the battle…#say no to corruption…


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