The epidemic….

The hood always has the best way of bringing out the worst in people. Most of us call it the way of life, the belief that environment will always determine the kind of person you will be in the near future. it leaves me wondering whether the high rate of corruption and bureaucracy in this …


 Pursuit for Happiness.

Where determination exists, there's no fragment of failure that can dismantle the flag of success. I know how much we all love momotivation, and we can use alot of it sometimes. So how about waking up to one just like that? It is said that, if one wants to be happy, which we all do …

Facing the reality

There's no success in what you are not comfortable doing, the passion is the motivation, we sometimes fantasize quite more often than we are realistic, to change the reality one's got to accept it...your achievements will define your fantasies. It's what differentiates achievers from dreamers.